Opes Terrae Infra Ventures :: Construction, Development and Designing


OPES INFRA is a well-known design and construction company successfully delivering projects across India.

OPES takes its name from the Latin term for a triumphal arch. We offer a solid commitment to creativity in architecture, planning, and interiors, based on a foundation of timeless, sustainable design and collaborative part.

At OPES, we understand what it takes to build successful projects. We undertake Project Management Consultancy providing end-to-end Project Management Services (pre-construction to post construction), Design Services (with our integrated in-house design army), Development Solutions (from assessing feasibility, viability of projects to complete hand-over), Cost Consultancy and Real Estate Alliedand Value-Add Services. But keeping up with the industry’s need of the hour, we understand how important it is to work in synergy with clients and stakeholders; hence, at OPES we take your projects and their execution very seriously and hence act as Client Representatives at every stage of the project and run the show on their behalf!

We don’t just act as Managers, but we take the complete ownership of the projects, and act as liaison of our customers to ensure that all their needs and interests are met, right from the discovery phase to the execution/hand-over phase, with zero disruption. This includes various packaged services that can either be customized/hand-picked or opted as a whole as per client’s requirements.


Our Vision

To be a respectedfull-service player in the real estate markets we serve, through superior engineering and financial performance, unhindered creativity, practical innovation, and ethical, transformational management.


Our Mission

• To achieve success though financial prudence and business excellence, and deliver enduring value to our shareholders and investors;
• To foster an environment of trust, fairness, respect, and hospitality, such that we exceed our customers’ expectations consistently, so they become customers for life;
• To provide a dynamic, creative, stimulating, transparent, and rewarding environment for our employees to thrive and succeed;
• To contribute to the economic growth in the geographies we operate in, while nurturing community and cultural values, through environmentally sustainable practices.


Our Core Values

Our values serve as our moral compass and guide our behavior towards our business partners, customers, employees and our stakeholders. Our values are embedded in our culture,embodyour code of conduct determining the way we do business, both internally and externally.

Our values include:

• Conducting business with an unquestionable integrity and ethical commitment.
• Committing to an honest, respectful, fair and an equal-opportunity work environment that respects individuals, values dignity of all people and their skills, celebrates diversity and rewards merit, without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sex, economic basis, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.
• Upholding our social responsibilities by respecting and supporting the culturally distinct communities in which we operate, while also holding ourselves to the highest standards of public safety and environmental conscientiousness.
• Adhering to a strong work ethic that fosters professionalism, diligence and deliberate persistence for the benefit of our customers - the sole reason for our existence.
• Providing strong corporate governance and a high level of transparency in our business dealings with all our customers and stakeholders.


Our Ethos

The best relationships are built on trust…and trust in our business is defined in terms of quality, honesty, transparency and fairness.

At OPES, we are committed to forging relations with our customers, on the basis of honesty, transparency and fairness, while maintaining excellence in our full spectrum of services - ensuring highest standards of quality every time, all time.

We are committed togrowing OPES into a global organization delivering result-oriented, cost effective and value-add custom solutions, to maximize customer benefits, irrespective of the size, nature, complexity and magnitude of projects.


Opes Infra operates under an integrated and flexible business model focused on construction, consulting and urban development.

Works Contracts

We undertake Government Contracts/Works Contracts to carry on the business of developing, maintaining and operating of road, highway project, bridge, expressways, bus and truck terminals, subways, inland waterways and inland ports, water supply and irrigation projects, sanitation and sewerage system, water treatment and solid waste management systems or any other public facility of similar nature.  ...Read More

Commercial Realestate Software

We develop commercial software pertaining to Government contracts and private contracts around the cost estimation and bid submission and related work flows.  ...Read More


Commercial & Residential Consulting & Development

To our commercial and residential customers, OPES provides the following range of services, individually or in any combination; as per customers’ requirements:
1. Development solutions   2. Design services  3. Project Management  4. Cost Consultancy & QS  5. Allied services  6. Other Value-add services    ...Read More

Energy Solutions

We undertake turn-key projects to carry on the business of consulting, developing, installing, maintaining and operating of facilities involved in the generation and distribution of electricity or any other form of power of energyincluding thermal, solar, hydro, wind, tidal, geo-thermal and any other form of energy that may be permitted by official policy.  ...Read More


We continually strives to ensure that our delivery, performance and the quality of work is at the highest standards in the industry.

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